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IZ Da Thug & HYP "Taxi Mackin vs. Tennis Shoe Pimpin" CD

IZ Da Thug & HYP "Taxi Mackin vs. Tennis Shoe Pimpin" CD

$ 15.95 $ 18.95

Track Listing:

  1.  Intro featuring Reek Daddy

  2.  No Comprende featuring Bad Bizness

  3.  Suckaz featuring Reek Daddy

  4.  Bar In My Car

  5.  Test Drive

  6.  Backpack

  7.  Off Me Shirt featuring Reek Daddy & Mac Dre

  8.  On Everythang

  9.  Hustlematic featuring Mendo Dope

10.  Kinda Way

11.  Drug House

12.  Cutt The Cuffs featuring Double Racks

13.  Nunya Mob featuring Reek Daddy

14.  Turf Senate featuring Reek Daddy, Dubb 20 & Young Game

15.  CUOOH featuring Reek Daddy & Africa

16.  Northside featuring Mendo Dope (Bonus Track)

17.  Sinkin Down featuring Reek Daddy (Bonus Track)

18.  Nuthin Lef (Bonus Track)

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