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Native Warriors - Forever Hustlin' Volume 2 - CD

Native Warriors - Forever Hustlin' Volume 2 - CD

$ 15.95 $ 18.95

This was another success in compilation albums.  Native Warriors Volume 2 did very well and brought together some of the best Native Rap Artists all on one album.  This is a must have for your collection!

Track Listing:

  1. Forever Hustlin' featuring Red Haze, Syko, Red Suspect, Btaka & Eagle-I
  2. It's Who I Am featuring Rollin' Fox
  3. Where I'm From featuring Nomadic
  4. Break Em' Off featuring AZ Chief
  5. Trying 2 Play Me featuring Btaka & Red Haze
  6. Anything You Want featuring Night Shield
  7. If I Could Remember featuring X-Tactic
  8. Tribe 2 Anthem featuring Mistic & Shade
  9. Lost Souls featuring Yaiva
  10. Time 2 Ride featuring Shadow Warriors, Eagle-I, Red Haze & Syko
  11. Boom Boom featuring Shadowyze, Jay Tee, Dirty Werk & Powda
  12. It Don't Matter featuring Chosen & Lisa
  13. Come & Get Me II featuring Smorg
  14. The Arrival featuring Maniac
  15. Don't Stop featuring Btaka & Apache Element
  16. Picture Life featuring Redzone
  17. Indian Sadness featuring SSThunder

©2007 Westside Warrior Records

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